Welcome to the Wychazel website. My huge thanks to all of you lovely people out there for your interest in my music, for your supportive feedback and for buying my albums through the years. Big hugs also to Medwyn Goodall for building this website for nothing more than the promise of a double-cone ice cream when I am finally able to invade his hometown in Cornwall after the Coronavirus Lockdown is over.  

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New Album - A Sense of Hope - to be released towards the end of July 2020:-)

A Sense of Hope


An exotic blend of relaxing and uplifting musical themes with influences from both western and eastern styles. Instruments include Bamboo Flutes, Guitars, Ethnic Percussion, Tibetan Bowls, Vocal Chants, Synths & Samples and atmospheric effects.

A Sense of Hope is a continuous play album with no silent pauses between tracks.

  1. A Time to reflect 9.56
  2. A Question of Trust 8.16
  3. The Value of Love 9.36
  4. The Spirit Within 9.20
  5. A Sense of Hope 11.29

Total run time 48 minutes.

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