Unwashed in Glastonbury


Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that most people who stay in Glastonbury give up washing until they go back home. Possibly the case during festival time but not generally so. I came back from a few day's stay (nicely scrubbed and sparkly clean) to find my boiler had died. So, it has been the other way around for me - no hot water at home for the first week in October:-)) Glastonbury is such a lovely place to visit in early autumn and I couldn't resist buying another Tibetan bowl to enhance my collection and maybe use in a project next year? It was more than a little bit sad to see the closure of the only two remaining CD shops (Tor Records and the fantastic little shop that used to reside at the back of Gothic Image). I used to spend hours browsing through all kinds of unusual music that is so difficult to find anywhere else unless you already know about it. Shame! If you ever find yourself in Glastonbury, the Abbey ruins are a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the town itself - very calming, very healing. Buy some fish food from the Abbey shop to feed the huge carp living in the lake.