Beneath an Autumn Moon


It is a well known saying that life begins at 40. I think I might have missed out or somehow slept through it BUT . . . now seems like the perfect time for me to open that celebratory bottle of something nice with perhaps a side garnish of crisps?

It always feels good to see the completion and release of a new album, but this one is extra special because it is my 40th published album "Beneath an Autumn Moon".

If you have some biscuits nearby and feel the urge to take a well-earned tea break (make sure the boss isn't watching), there is a rather fine family-friendly video on YouTube which features one of the tracks "To Dance with Falling Leaves". Go on, treat yourself - it is only 10 minutes. Put your feet up and visit the VIDEO page for the link:-)

As always, big thanks to all of you lovely people out there who have been buying my albums through the years, for your emails and general support. Hope you'll like this one:-)