New Release . . . "Harmonic Resonance"

The Wychazel studio pixies are celebrating the release of the first album of 2024 - “Harmonic Resonance”. As you might expect, their celebrations involve the usual late night tea-drinking sessions and some serious biscuit-dunking. Various potato based crispy products are also being consumed although not openly. Some things are best kept secret. 

“Harmonic Resonance” has been recorded as a companion album to my two previous Tibetan Bowls albums, featuring the unique sounds of Tibetan Bowls (of course) and various styles of eastern chant against an immersive background of evolving low frequency drones. Deeply relaxing, recommended for meditation, visualization and Chakra work. Given all of the music I have managed to produce to date, it might surprise you to know that my Tibetan Bowls albums have so far been my most popular musical genre (along with the Shaman series) attracting the interest of various meditation groups, yoga/exercise groups and even film production. So if you are new to the genre and maybe looking for something different to help you relax after a busy day, you might like to give this a try? Of course, if you liked my previous Tibetan Bowls albums, you just might like this one too:-) 

As always, a big bunch of thank-you's to all of you lovely people and Happy Hippies out there for supporting my music through the years. I hope you will enjoy “Harmonic Resonance”