MG Music Award


After 58 published albums, any reasonable person might have thought that all of you long-suffering folks out there would have got thoroughly fed up with me but, strangely, it appears not. Two No.1 albums this year and now Father Christmas (cunningly disguised as an ordinary Postie – without a white beard or reindeers) has surprised me with this little goodie. Ooooo. So . . . a big bunch of thank-you's firstly to all of you lovely lovely people out there who have stuck with me through the 30 years since my first signing, buying my albums and generally supporting my musical obsession with encouraging comments, feedback and the occasional request for my bank details:-) Of course, a big dollop of additive-free gratitude with extra festive sprinkle to those fantastic folks at Medwyn Goodall Music, Med & Wendy, for marketing my music, for producing such beautiful album artwork and for sending me exotic tea bags, biscuits and this wonderful award ( . . . takes a bow and exits stage left to the fading sound of sleigh bells).