Introducing . . . The Temple of Hathor

Hello Folks and Folkettes

The Wychazel studio pixies are celebrating the publication of another album: The Temple of Hathor.

As the title might suggest, this one is rich with strong flavours of the mystical Middle East. Inspired by the beliefs, art and culture of ancient Egypt and the vibrant rhythms and unique sounds of some of the instruments from the region – the Santur, Oud and Duduk to name but three.

For those of you with a nerdy fascination for ancient religions, Hathor, was one of the most important goddesses in ancient Egypt. Her wide popularity resulted in more temples dedicated to her than to any other goddess of the time. The most impressive being the temple complex at Dendera.

Hathor was a solar deity, goddess of the sky, of women, motherhood, fertility and love. She took many forms, often depicted as a cow or human wearing a headdress comprising two horns holding an image of the sun. Her most common earthly manifestation was human, although she could also assume the various forms of a cow, cobra, lioness and, perhaps more strangely, a sycamore tree.

She was believed to be the mother of the Pharaohs who were regarded as direct earthly representatives of the gods. Being so strongly associated with Motherhood, she was the go-to goddess for anybody wishing to have children or wanting protection from anything that threatened the well-being of their families. She could be fiercely protective and was not above being vengeful in such situations. 

During less demanding times, she represented music, dance, joy and sexuality. She was the consort of several male Gods and the mother of many of their children. As with many divine beings, she was able to cross boundaries between worlds and would help the souls of the deceased into the afterlife. 

She was commonly called the "Golden One" as her beauty was said to be like the radiance of the sun.

Hathor was a member of the divine entourage that accompanied Ra as he sailed through the sky in his barque – the ancient Egyptian equivalent to today's luxury yachts.

As always, a big bunch of thank-yous to all of you lovely people and Happy Hippies out there for supporting my music and I hope you will enjoy “The Temple of Hathor”.