May 2022

“Writer's Block” is an annoying affliction that tends to affect most people who work in creative professions from time to time. My recent encounter started back in January, somewhat ironically at the same time I took delivery of a new custom-built music PC with latest release recording software. After a couple of weeks I had managed to work out how to toggle the power switch located at the back of the machine, but what to do in between turning it on and off eluded me completely:-)

However, they do say (whoever “they” are) that trying to come up with new ideas can be like waiting for the proverbial bus. Nothing comes for ages and then several arrive all at once. So . . . after a few weeks of sleepless nights (always the best time to write music) I find myself with 2 finished albums ready for publication later this year.

First off the blocks will be “Wild Orchid” - inspired by sounds of the Far East – to be released June-July. “Pagan Priestess” will follow in the Autumn – completing the trilogy started by “On Pagan Shores” and “A Pagan Land”. I'm not sure what to do next although a lot of household tasks have been building up and a friend has given me a badly damaged antique Mandolin to restore. It had been rejected by a charity shop – the mandolin, not my friend:-)