TAO - A Path of Peace

Hello Lovely People and Happy Hippies:-) My final musical offering for 2020 is now available through all the usual channels. Entitled TAO - A Path of Peace, this has been written as a companion album to my 2018 album Zen Garden. The success of Zen Garden (which reached No.1 in the MG quarterly sales listing) gave me a good excuse to invest in some new Far-Eastern style instruments, synths & samples. Sadly, my painful attempts to get a socially acceptable performance out of an authentic bamboo Xiao flute (bought in a moment of unfounded optimism) did not make for easy listening and, needless to say, didn't make it to the album. A positive selling point if ever there was one. The flute does make a very nice wall decoration so it wasn't a complete waste of money:-)

I hope you will like this album and, as ever, thank you for supporting my music.