Copyright & YouTube

I am always happy to give permission to more or less anybody who bothers to get in touch to ask if they may use my music as part of a pet project or creative video. A few of the videos people have lovingly crafted to put on YouTube are pretty stunning and must have taken much thought and time to put together. But . . . and there is a but . . . prompted by a recent incident where most of the MG Music catalog was found to be being shared illegally on YouTube, a whole bunch of Copyright Infringement notices have been issued and a lot of content is being removed.

So, if anybody out there wants to upload and share my music without risking any unpleasant legal consequences, here are a few ground rules: 

Never share whole albums. That's a definite no-go. 

If you have a favorite track, please don't just upload it with a scan of the CD Cover image. At the very least, say a few words about why the track is important to you or, if video production is your thing, please create a video that people are going to want to watch - include motion clips, slideshows etc - something more than a single static image. Don't simply use YouTube to share audio files.

And . . . if you want to use my music, please ask me first.