A Pagan Land


Introducing . . . “A Pagan Land” . . . due to be released later this month (April 2021). 

Intended as a sequel to last year's “On Pagan Shores” this follows similar musical themes with both Celtic and Gaelic influences. Choice of instruments is similar too although, after the success of “On Pagan Shores” I couldn't resist treating myself to some new drum libraries and choirs. Just like its predecessor, this album takes its inspiration from Norse myths and legend and incorporates various atmospheric effects to enhance the visualization aspects of stepping into an imaginary pagan world.  

Also like its predecessor, this album proved somewhat difficult to produce because of another bout of dreaded “writer's block” half way through recording. Doh! I can't complain about this really because it is only the second time this has happened to me during the last 10 years and “A Pagan Land” is (unbelievably) my 50th published album. Of course, “writer's block” isn't always a bad thing because it does free up time for those outstanding DIY projects and normal life stuff. 

So . . . if you are one of those lovely people out there who liked “On Pagan Shores” it could soon be time to put on those Viking helmets once again, settle down with your preferred beverage and crank the volume up to No.11 for part 2 of the musical journey. 

Thank you, as always, for your interest in my music:-)