Introducing . . . Beltane Moon 3

The Wychazel studio pixies are delighted to announce the release of a brand new, freshly baked album – Beltane Moon 3. As the name would suggest, this is a sequel to a couple of earlier Beltane Moon albums and follows the same kind of mood, atmospheres and instrumentation. 

Published a little late for Beltane because this has been a difficult project with more false starts than you can poke a stick at - repeatedly shelved to concentrate on quicker, easier projects. The first two Beltane Moon albums both reached No.1 position in the MG website listings and this has set a high bar for producing another in the same theme. Also, and difficult to believe, this will be my 60th published album (counting 11 Runestones and 3 collaborations) so I wanted it to be a bit special with acoustic as well as synth instruments and reflections of the kind of signature atmospheres and sounds that have kept me in the New Age music charts for so long.

With a touch of irony, working on the album has not been without injury. Whereas most musicians tend to keep a sense of rhythm by tapping their feet, I clench my jaw without realizing and this habit has so far resulted a few instances of minor jaw dislocation (known as TMJ) and 3 fractured teeth during recording sessions. My dentist (after she stopped laughing) offered me Botox injections to weaken the jaw muscles. This type of treatment is not perhaps standard dental plan for musicians and not something I feel keen to try. On one occasion my jaw popped back into place while munching through a packet of crisps . . . which makes me wonder if dentists really are correct by maintaining their professional view that crisps are not a good thing? Anyway, completion of this album comes as a big relief and I reckon it is one of my best. So . . . I hope you lovely people out there are going to appreciate the sheer dental effort involved in producing my 60th. 

And finally . . . dedicated to . . . I would like to thank all of you Happy Hippies and website friends out there who have been supporting my musical efforts and general wellbeing throughout the last 3 decades and 60 published albums. Too many names to mention here but you know who you are. Particular thanks with extra toppings to Med and Wendy for inspiration, advice, support, friendship and laughter during my evolving musical journey and for keeping the dream alive:-)