A Sense of Hope

Inspiration for writing music (or for any creative pursuit) can come from many sources and this one owes a lot to the simple pastime of having spent time enjoying the changing faces of nature from my home during the Lockdown. This period of forced seclusion has given many of us a unique opportunity to slow down and see nature through different eyes. Watching the seasonal changes here in the UK, as Spring's new growth displaced the last remnants of Winter before easing its way gently into Summer has seemed like a powerful symbol of recovery, renewal and hope. Most of my music takes its inspiration from ancient cultures and folklore but this one comes quite simply from a sense of hope. 

Finally, big thanks and socially-distanced Hippy hugs to all of you lovely people out there who have taken the time to let me know about how music has been helping you through these difficult times. I hope you will enjoy “A Sense of Hope”.