Is it too late to wish all of you lovely folks and Happy Hippies a Happy New Year? The general pace of life tends to move somewhat faster than my ability to keep up but the cold light of January has brought the realization that I really ought to do something to justify my existence. So . . . this rambling post (if you are still reading it) is firstly to thank a few people for supporting my musical efforts throughout 2019 and secondly, to let you know what's going on in the Wychazel World for the first part of 2020. 

First and foremost, thanks to all you beautiful people out there for supporting my music:-) Last year saw two of my albums achieve the No.1 position in the MG Music quarterly sales charts (Akashic Dream and Beltane Moon 2). After nearly 3 decades since my recording career began, that kind of thing is very encouraging:-) I have recently been told that my monthly listeners on Spotify have just topped 50,000 - which is good news too.

A big highlight last year was to receive an award (pictured above) from my dear friends and owners of MG Music, Med and Wendy, for having achieved eight No.1 albums on their label. Ironically, by the time I collected the award, Beltane Moon 2 had become the ninth No.1. So, big thanks to Med and Wendy for all of the advice and general support they have given to me - especially in my solo incarnation since the untimely demise of Runestone.  

Of course, there is no point in having friends unless you use them:-) An unwelcome email came along a few weeks ago saying that my website was about to be moved to another provider and was likely to need redesign. An initial look at the new software left me drinking lots of cups of tea, looking blank and feeling somewhat worried. Now, the good thing about Med is that he can be very responsive in a positive way when any of his Artists need some kind of tech support. I'd obviously managed to get him at a good time (or perhaps he didn't want to spend too much time listening to my arty tantrums and needy grizzling - or it might have been the threats) because he offered to redesign the whole thing for me. YAYY - good result:-) So, a few more thanks to Med and the promise of a double-cone ice cream (with chocolate flake) next time I make the trip to sunny Cornwall.    

Also new is my very own Wychazel video channel on YouTube. This provides access to all of my home-produced videos from the same page. With 22 videos so far, featuring a selection of my favorite tracks, I thought it about time I had my own channel.  

The channel can be found by searching YouTube for wychazel.music or you can just visit the Videos page on this website.

Moving into 2020, I have three albums planned. "On Pagan Shores" is due for release next month and there are two video tracks available from the Videos page if you want to take a sneaky tea-break and (hopefully) enjoy a preview. Sometime during the summer should see the release of "TAO" which is a follow up to the popular "Zen Garden" and the third album will be at the end of the year . . . More information will be posted nearer the time or you can also sign up for a Newsletter if you wish to be kept informed.  

Finally, my thanks to one and all once again with a sprinkle of good wishes for the year ahead . . . Chris (aka. Wychazel)