. . . coming soon

A wise person once said (or so it is reputed) that if the only tool you possess is a hammer, you will always be working with nails. This is probably true for music composition too as new sounds often provide the accidental spark that leads to the creation of a new project. Of course, some people are able to produce brilliant results with nails. Virtuoso specialists, for example, who bond for life and never stray far from their instrument of choice but, for the average studio-bound muso, a greater palette of available sounds is a must-have. Such sounds have a tendency to pop up when least expected.


By this point you are possibly wondering (assuming you are still with me) where this meandering preamble is leading? Well, I'm glad you asked. I have a new album due to be released sometime during September and a sneak-preview video featuring one of its tracks can now be seen on YouTube.


Entitled “Ashram”, this has been one of those accidental projects, inspired by a mailshot featuring a sample library of Indian sounds which popped unexpectedly into my mailbox a few weeks ago. After several cups of tea and an initial trawl through its soundbank, a whole new album started to evolve in a musical style I have never been able to produce until now. This lead to a search of my basement for a “Deepest India” CD of vocal samples I had bought on impulse way back in 2002 but had never used. A hopeful journey at the time, as opposed to a successful arrival you could say. Also found and brought into the new light of day was some wonderful software for producing animated graphics known as Fractals. I have tried to work with Fractals before but the computing power needed is only recently becoming generally available and my PC was simply too slow and lacked the robustness required. Very frustrating. I am no expert in matters of Art but the graphics used to make the video seem to have an exotic Indian quality to my untutored view and I hope you will enjoy the results of my efforts. It's definitely one for all of you Happy Hippies out there and lovers of psychedelia.


The album “Ashram” has been scheduled for release in September 2019. In the meantime, the 10 minute preview video can be seen (and hopefully enjoyed) by searching YouTube for: Wychazel – Ashram.